I’m not going to lie.  My husband and I weren’t really trying to have another child.  9 months after my daughter was born, I was still trying to make sense of this new world as a parent.  Not only that, but I was trying to come to terms with my new “mom bod”. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly thinking about a good time to have kid number 2. 

But there it was, sitting in front of me, a positive pregnancy test.  Alright, not just one, but three. While my 10 month old crawled over my lap, I sat there contemplating all the things a mom would when I realized I would have 2 kids under 2. 

While there are probably many more fleeting thoughts I had, these are the ones I remember, and if you’ve ever been here, you can probably relate. 

1. How am I going to tell my husband?

2. How on earth am I going to handle 2 kids?

3. How can I be a good mom to my daughter while I’m dealing with morning sickness, swollen feet and all the other joys that come with being pregnant?

4. How in the hell are we going to afford this?

5. I wonder how this pregnancy will be different from the first

6. I wonder how this child will be different from my daughter?

7. Do I want a boy or a girl?

8. Can I love this child as much as I love my daughter?

9. We need a bigger house/apartment

10. Will my daughter feel jealous of the new baby?

11. How will our families react?

Bonus: 12. I’m never going to sleep again.

While we didn’t plan to have 2 kids under 2, I couldn’t be happier.  After the initial shock wore off, and I saw my husbands eyes widen and a huge smile cross his face once I told him, I realized that all the answers to the thoughts above don’t matter.  What matters is a healthy baby and the love of family.  Which is exactly what both children will get.  All the love we have. 

Have you been in this position?  What thoughts did you have?


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I’m Catrina. I’m a mom of 2 under 2 and founder of Chocolate & Chaos. On top of being a mom and blogger, I'm a Digital Content Manager for a publisher. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with her family and friends, photography, wine and good coffee. So basically, I'm just trying to make it through the day just like you. :) It's a bumpy ride sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. ^ All of the above. For us, it was 2 under 2 + a 5 year old. There were so many worries and, I’m not going to lie, it was hard, but the youngest is 2 now and it gets SO much better! I’m sure our life will always be a bit crazy with 3 boys with so much energy, but there is a lot of fun too!
    I just saw this was from February, how are things going?
    Try not to worry about #8, you’ll always have enough love!! Patience, you have to dig deep some times, but love is just there!!

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear it gets better! Well they are 21 months and 2 months now and things are a little less crazy. I love them both more than I could have imagined but I do still feel guilty that I can’t spend more time with each of them, but I’m sure that will pass. 3 boys though, wow! I can only imagine how crazy that must have been!

      Thanks so much for your comment and for making me feel like I’m not alone! 🙂