5 Awkward Things People Say When You’re Pregnant


This is my second pregnancy and I am finding that around the third trimester I am getting the exact same commentary from people. By people, I mean anyone including friends, family, colleagues, even strangers! I figure most women have dealt with this so I started documenting every awkward conversation I had to endure.

This is my second pregnancy and I am finding that around the third trimester I am getting the exact same commentary from people. By people, I mean anyone including friends, family, colleagues, even strangers! I figure most women have dealt with this so I started documenting every awkward conversation I had to endure.1. ‘Whoa are you sure that it isn’t twins’

Yes, yes I am sure but thank you for making me feel huge. This really goes with any size comment. I have also recently gotten ‘wait so the baby is only 2 pounds right now” as if to ask why I have packed on the additional 20 pounds. Hate to break it to you but there is more than a baby in there – I am also a full functioning spa Jacuzzi

2. ‘I am just going to rub your belly’

Wait – what!?! The checkout lady at the Subway last night was obsessed with rubbing my belly. I am usually pretty polite and just let them have a quick pat and move away. When else in your life are you going to have a stranger ask if they can touch your body!?! When I am not pregnant I have never had a stranger say ‘oh let me feel your arm’ so why people feel they can cross that boundary with a pregnant woman is beyond me!

3. ‘Are you scared of delivery? I think it is going to hurt’

No, not scared at all; it’s like super calm and relaxing right? OF COURSE labor makes me nervous which is why I am trying not to think too much about it, thanks for bringing it up!

4. ‘Breastfeeding is hard, but it’s what is best’

a. Well, a fed baby is actually what is best but thanks for the advice. This is one of my least favorites because it normally does not come with any advice, it’s just a statement. I would love it if they said ‘breastfeeding is hard and here is something that worked for me if you decide to go that route’. Breastfeeding is such a personal choice; sometimes it doesn’t work out but the pressure to make it work is overwhelming.

5. ‘Get your sleep now……’

What do you mean!?!? I am going to love waking up every 3 hours. Actually I love it so much that when my child does sleep through the night I am going to set an alarm 3 times a night just because I enjoy it so much. Yes, understand the baby will wake up frequently but there is nothing that you can do so no need to point it out. I am sleeping a blissful 8 hours a night right now (my current child is 2) so I am just focusing on that….

I love being pregnancy for other reasons. I can replace my calories after I work out (I usually do this with ice cream… but I am pretty sure that counts) people are generally nicer (holding doors, offering their seat ect) and I personally LOVE feeling that little nugget kick so the positives definitely outweigh any awkward conversations you will inevitably have. What comments that you gotten recently that drive you bananas?

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  1. “You look like you’re ready to POP!” UG! I’ve never forgotten that comment from a waitress when I was prego with my first son 24 years ago. I should have said back, “Sure, that’s why we’re waiting to eat at your restaurant.” 😉

  2. I remember all of these comments too! The ” whoa, you got so big so fast. It must be a boy,” always amused me.

  3. People are so clueless aren’t they? It’s amazing what passes for acceptable when talking to a pregnant woman. Good luck!

  4. Oh my this is bringing back memories! Of course people don’t stop saying stupid things once you have the baby. Next comes all the unsolicited baby advice, child rearing, and life choices!

  5. I’m 5 months at the moment, and have loads of people commenting on my size, saying either that I’m really big for this stage of pregnancy, or that I’m tiny. Also, people saying it’s definitely going to be a girl / boy.

    The most annoying comment by far though is when I’m out at a wedding / party / social event, and people make fun of the fact that I can’t have any alcohol. To me, it isn’t really a big deal at all, so stop being a jerk!

  6. It wasn’t so much what people said to me when I was pregnant that I remember, it’s what people said to me after I had a baby with Down Syndrome that I have not so fond memories of.

  7. My colleague got that one a LOT (she is super petite and literally at 7 months and forward got that comment daily). I always told her I sympathized! Any size comment is super annoying to me – which is why it was #1 lol :). If you are not pregnant do people ever comment on your size… NO! Why does being pregnant break that boundary? Thanks for reading!

  8. Glad this brightened your day :). I liked writing down the comments that annoyed me as a way to deal with them lol. Thank for reading!

  9. Oh yes – everyone always says “must be a boy”. I smile but secretly think, what does that mean….? Lol! Thank you for reading 🙂

  10. My work is having a happy hour as we speak; I am not there lol.
    5 months was my toughest point as far as size comments. Now I am 8 months so i just get the same ‘wow you are big’ commentary but at 5 months you are so right!! You get comments of you are big or small, there is no middle!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  11. YES!! The breastfeeding comments i know are going to increase as soon as i have my baby boy. and commentary regarding everything else, best diapers, sleep training, when to start solids, oh I forgoot how many people have no boundaries. Thanks for reading 🙂

  12. I agree! Every time I see a pregnant woman my go to comment is always ‘you look great!’. No matter how they look because i think pregnancy looks great on everyone – you are preforming a miracle – you don’t want to hear anything but congrats! Thanks for reading 🙂

  13. “You look like you are going to tip over” and “You are all baby” were a couple of my favorites! Or “Yoy have that glow” which was actually the sweats from all the morning sickness! Very funny post!

  14. “Are you still working like that?” Haven’t been pregnant, but many co-workers of mine have worked their full 9 months and they are totally ok, yet people still think it isn’t appropriate!

  15. Hahaha these are soo true. It always amazed me with what people thought it was appropriate to say to me/do when I was pregnant.