Cynthia Yoder

With her newly reconfigured nest, Cynthia Yoder is filling her days with writing, books and clients who come to see her for business or writing advice. Her forthcoming novel, Mennonite on the Edge: An Unlikely Romance, will be published this fall. She authored one of the first ever Mennonite memoirs, Crazy Quilt: Pieces of a Mennonite Life, in 2003. The book is a love story and a journey back home to her Pennsylvania Dutch roots. (The Kindle version will be released in 2016.) Her book, Divine Purpose: Find the Passion Within, helps readers find passion in work and play. Yoder’s writings have appeared in New Jersey Monthly, Mothering and the short story collection, Just Moms. She and her husband live in New Jersey, where she now dotes upon Maggie, their maltese-poodle and plays too many hashtag games.