What’s In Store For You After Your Baby’s 2 Month Doctor’s Visit


While children need regular doctor’s visits and vaccines, what happens when they have a reaction?  Even a mild one?  As new parents this can be frustrating and scary.

Yesterday our little one went for her 2 month visit to the doctor.  This is the first doctors visit since I returned to work and because my fiancé has a weekday off, we chose to schedule it so he could take her.  I didn’t realize this was the big “shot” visit.  Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared.

My poor fiancé.

The doctor’s visit was at 1:30 pm.  My fiancé text me with her weight, my little one has almost doubled her weight since birth!  Wow!  Then he proceeded to tell me she was a nightmare until he got her to sleep 2 hours later.

I didn’t think much of it.

We’ve been told we have a really good baby.  Since I have nothing to compare her to, I have to take everyone’s word for it.  She doesn’t fuss or cry a lot.  Even when she’s had shots in the past, she barely acknowledges that it happened.

Not this time.

I got home from work and both my fiancé and little one were asleep.  About 20 minutes later I hear my little one screaming.

You know the sound.

The scream that babies make that sounds like someone is trying to kill them.  It breaks my heart.  We look at her legs where she had the shots and see that one is red and swollen.  He calls the doctor, just to make sure it isn’t a bad reaction while I try to calm our little one down.

I’m failing.

My fiance runs to the store to pick up baby Tylenol.  She’s in my arms screaming like crazy. My cat, who has a thing for high pitched noises, is now in full effect, meowing and gnawing on my arm in an effort to get me to pet her (this is her typical reaction to high pitched noises) and my little one is screaming in my ear.


All of this happened in the 15 minutes he’s been at the store. He gets home, we get the Tylenol in her and top her off with some food.  Finally she’s able to fall asleep.

Hopefully, this isn’t your experience when your little one has their 2 month doctor’s visit.  Mine definitely had a reaction to the shot, but at least it was a normal one.

My tip to share if your little one does have a reaction:

Put him/her in a position where they can’t move their legs much.  I put her against my chest and held her butt and legs.  The screaming and crying subsided more because she couldn’t move her leg. And always call your doctor if you’re unsure.


What was your experience with your 2 month doctor’s visit?  Share it in the comments!

While children need to get vaccinated, what happens when they have a reaction? Even a mild one? As new parents this can be frustrating and scary. Read more about our experience.

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