Chunks Baby Junk: Sippy Strap (Review & Giveaway!)


You know toddlers.  Always throwing things, giving you a workout.  It’s more fun watching you pick something up rather than playing with it themselves right?  Right.  That’s where the Sippy Strap comes in from Chunks Baby Junk on Etsy.  

You’re in the middle of cooking dinner, your toddler is having a good old time throwing his sippy cup on the floor every few minutes.  The sippy strap would fix that.  It suctions to the high chair top and attaches around the sippy cup.  That way, when the cup is violently thrown from the high chair, it ends up swinging from side to side in mid air, rather than landing on the floor.  

il_570xN.350531336In particular this is useful with a stroller.  We used it for the first time at a farmers market.  We did a lot of walking and usually we’re picking something up every few feet.  Not this time.  Her cup might have been dangling, but it wasn’t covered in mud or dust from landing in the dirt.  

Later on we actually used the sippy strap for one of our daughters smaller stuffed animals.  It fit perfectly and kept her favorite toy close at all times.  (And prevented us from loosing it in the mall!)

All in all, the Sippy Strap is really useful.  I’m not sure we could live without it anymore.  

Want to win one?  You can here!

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