I am rather proud to say, that one of my good friends is a very talented and clever lady. She goes by the name of Liz Gaule and she’s the founder of a fabulous children’s clothing company called ‘Cotton Reel Kids’. Not only is she the founder, but she’s also the sole creator and designer of all the unique ‘Cotton Reel Kids’ items.
Cotton Reel KidsNow, she hasn’t always been a super seamstress. In fact, she originally trained as a PE (Sports) teacher and taught for 15 years within schools in the UK. During this time, she also became a mum to 3 young and beautiful children. Juggling 3 children is, as many of us know, a tricky feat! So Liz stayed at home to raise her 3 children and whilst doing so, she rediscovered her passion for sewing. This was a passion that had remained dormant since she was a school girl, attending textiles lessons!
The first thing she made, was some bunting for a close friend’s wedding. Soon after, she was making personalised bunting for friends’ children and many folk were suggesting that she should really start selling these items, because they were so beautiful. So in July 2014, ‘Cotton Reel Kids’ was born and initially launched on Facebook. These quintessentially British and fabulously unique items were selling so well, that after only a year, Liz launched her own website – cottonreelkids.com.
Cotton Reel KidsShe gets her creative ideas from browsing various fantastic fabric shops and her appliqué designs are often inspired from greetings cards, or posters that catch her eye. Liz then tucks herself away in her special sewing room at home, (which was once her daughter’s nursery) and sews away to her heart’s content, whilst jiggling to music on her retro radio! I have no doubt that before long, Liz’s ‘Cotton Reel Kids’ clothing will be stocked in large department stores worldwide.
I have bought many ‘Cotton Reel Kids’ items for my own children and as gifts for friends and family. They are always wonderfully well-made and their cool and funky designs are a joy to see. Liz’s best-sellers by far, are her personalised baby grows and t-shirts. People certainly love to purchase something that is personalized and unique, especially for a new arrival, or a child. The ‘Cotton Reel Kids’ fun Rudolph t-shirts, are proving to be very popular for this festive spell. Watch this space for the new 2016 range, from the quintessentially British ‘Cotton Reel Kids‘. 

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