Crying, and Screaming, and Tears, Oh My!

Ahh, the terrible two's. One minute you're holding your newborn, the next they're here. Screaming, crying and tears included, at no extra charge.

You’re probably right smack dab in the middle of the seasons changing: the colorful leaves, pumpkins everywhere, and all those things that mark the beginning of the Holiday season. Me? I’m also currently experiencing the seasons changing, all right: the all-too-soon arrival of…wait for it…the Terrible Twos!!!!

My little terror is 16 months old, and rapidly entering the “I’m independent” and “What do you mean, no?” phase.

“No” is her new favorite word. She even screams “no” when she feels herself drifting off into dreamland, quickly followed by getting up and trying to climb out of her crib. Mind you, Valentina doesn’t walk by herself yet, of that she’s still a bit scared, but she isn’t scared of climbing up and down everything that gets in her way! And this includes curtains!

Recently I left her playing happily beside my sleep-deprived husband, while I went to the kitchen. “I left the baby on the bed beside you, watch her”, I warned. “No problem”, baby-daddy drowsily responded. A few minutes later, I hear the famous “pitter-patter” of little feet, a clack-clack sound, and laughter. When I ran into the hallway, there was little miss thing, at full speed crawling towards me, with the TV’s remote in her little hand (yeah, ’cause buying them toys is pretty pointless. They love cell phones and remote controls…).

That was fun.

There’s also Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look, baby style. She gets mad because you scold her and, bam! The look! Full of power and irritation, pouty lips and all, sometimes as a prelude to crying and/or a “no!”

I admit, sometimes she makes me laugh and I have to do my best to keep the stern look on my face. How do you guys do it?!

So, here I am, seasons changing, baby growing up, preparing us for the terrible two’s. Send up a prayer for me, okay? Let the games begin!

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