unnamed (1)On May 18th I received an email from Kai Schmittat.  It really touched me to the point where I had to share it.  Kai explained that their dream is to create the most personalized children’s book.

“To give every child the chance to see themselves in a book regardless of ethnicity or disability.”

It is truly a beautiful idea and I want to support Kai in hopes that he will be able to fulfill his dream.

The idea takes personalized children’s books to an entirely new level.

I’ve seen a few personalized books floating around that allow you to select gender and name, that’s pretty much it.  Not this time.  Their vision is so much more.

Here’s some background on Kai and the Crayon Crunch team.

Kai founded Crayon Crunch in February of this year with Tim Osterbuhr and Friederike Geiken.  They hope that their book “My Magical Adventure” will be the most technologically advanced book ever printed.

Because of the selections they give you, almost any child, no matter the ethnicity or disability can be closely created within the book.  The lead character can be customized in a number of ways.  3uzgWGysOkzMlHYTN71hsUlRNKp12Sj8TCnLfXdA71A

  • Name
  • Hairstyle and color
  • Facial features
  • Eye color
  • Skin tone
  • Clothing
  • Accessories – such as a wheelchair, glasses, prosthetics, canes and many more.

If what you’re looking for for your LO isn’t on the site, they will specially create the character for you at no charge!

I mean really, how great is that?

As of today, this Kickstarter campaign has 19 days to go and has raised $8,501 of their $10,000 goal.  Let’s help Kai make this a reality.

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