Nothing makes an outfit like a great piece of jewelry.  And nothing says that piece of jewelry needs to be expensive.  For all of my jewelry, I usually head over to Etsy.  There are some great, one-of-a-kind finds that make any outfit pop.  The easiest?  Statement necklaces of course.  Check out our latest finds you’ll want to have in your possession.

1. Gold & Pearls – $139.00

gold and pearl statement necklace
Gold & Pearl

2. Hexagon Honeycomb – $34.00

Hexagon Honeycomb statement necklace
Hexagon Honeycomb

3. Agate/Crystal Necklace – $30.00

Agate/Crystal Statement Necklace
Agate/Crystal Necklace

4. Floral – $35.00

Floral Statement Necklace

5. Chunky Pearls – $348.00

Chunky Pearls Statement Necklace
Chunky Pearls

6. Abstract Wood – $33.00

Abstract Wood Statement Necklace
Abstract Wood

 7. Crystal Teardrop – $38.00 (and up)

Crystal Teardrop Statement Necklace
Crystal Teardrop

8. Warrior Necklace – $22.00

Warrior Statement Necklace
Warrior Necklace

9. Glowing Necklace – $26.23 (and up)

Glowing Statement Necklace
Glowing Necklace

Have a must have statement necklace on your list?  Share it with us in the comments!

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