Whisper Of The Week: Restaurant Edition


If you haven’t yet heard of Whisper, you should really take a look.  What is Whisper?  According to them:

Whisper is the largest online community where people share real thoughts and feelings, without identities. We are leading a global movement that believes happiness starts when you get to be your real self. To keep our community safe, we enforce our Golden Rule: Don’t be Mean, Don’t be Gross, and Don’t Use Whisper to Break the Law.

I’ve been using it for about a week now and not only is it pretty fun, but it’s very entertaining.  So we’re going to start sharing with you some of our favorite whispers.

This weeks:

Whisper of the Week: A couple literally forgot their baby at our restaurant.

Our Whisper of the Week: A couple literally forgot their baby at our restaurant.Click To Tweet
And the replies:

“I would probably do this, I forgot my own name once.”

“Were they brand-new parents? Good thing they had you, a decent human being, to realize their mistake and take care of the baby.”

“Ever think maybe the baby just felt like chillin’ at the restaurant for a while longer?? Maybe have a few cocktails before heading home?”



“Did they really forget?”

What do you think about this Whisper?  What would you say?

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