You’ll Never Check Your Phone While Driving Again After Seeing This


Some things just never get through to people.  We all know inattentive driving is dangerous.  We all value our lives and our families lives.  So why do so many of us still text, post or talk while driving?  Maybe we can’t help ourselves, what with the million things we all need to get done every single day.  But after seeing this new ad from AT&T, you’ll never check your phone while driving again.

Titled “Close to Home | It Can Wait” it goes through various daily activities of a few key people.  Later on in the video, you see the mother driving, child in the back seat.  She looks away from the road just for a second to check her phone and BAM!  The seemingly harmless drive turns into a rollover accident in seconds.

It ends with:

No post is worth a life.

No glance is worth a life.

No email is worth a life.

No search is worth a life.

No text is worth a life.

Watch it now and let us know if you’ll never check your phone while driving again.

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