When we first met we didn’t have a care in the world.  Our biggest problem was getting to know each other.  As things progressed and time went on, the only bump in the road we hit was an ex for a short time.

After that things were great, amazing even.  We went on our cruise, had a ball, even driving 18 hours straight.  (Ok, you drove most of it, but I kept you company)

We had time to stare into each other’s eyes, enjoy each other’s company without an end in sight.  We could stay up all night talking, learning about each other more and more.  Telling each other our hopes and dreams, our deepest secrets.  Things we couldn’t tell anyone else.

We felt like we had all the time in the world, and no outside issues.  It was just us.  Just me and you.

Then things started getting a little more complicated.  We found out I was pregnant.

Between mood swings, morning sickness that lasted all day and trying to prepare for her, it got more difficult.

Then came the baby showers and holidays and my troubles with the pregnancy, not to mention the ultrasounds and the worries that came with it; first about her small size and then her heart.

My exhaustion just from daily activity made me crabby and then some.  Trying to get everything ready didn’t help.  Hormones and all, I wasn’t myself and I know that now, even if I couldn’t see it at the time.

Then she was born and a whole new list of problems appeared.

We had to be parents.  Parents!!

How in the hell do we do that?

We’re still figuring it out, and we will continue to “figure it out” for the rest of our lives.

We now have a laundry list of issues.  From medical bills, dirty diapers, doctor’s visits, just getting through the day seems impossible sometimes.

And then I pause and I see you, and it doesn’t seem so impossible any more.

For almost two years now you have been my unwavering rock, always there, always by my side. The one I can call my best friend in this life.  The one who gave me our daughter, and the one who I can’t imagine my life without, even if I tried.

Since we’ve met we’ve changed.  Not only as separate people, but as a couple.

In the last two years our priorities have changed completely.

As have our hopes and our dreams. And our thoughts of the future.

We no longer have the carefree, endless days we once had as a new couple. We have a daughter that demands our attention and always comes first. She comes before you, before me and before us together.  She is, and always will be, our ultimate priority.

She makes us better.  She makes us think about things we’ve never thought of before.  She makes us work together as a team.  She makes me love you more every day.

We’ve done so much changing already and we’ll change again and again.

Life doesn’t stop, so we’ll adapt.  We’ll change and we’ll do what needs to be done, for her, for us and for each of us individually. Just because things are different doesn’t mean they are bad.  They are good, really good.  Just in a way that we aren’t used to.

We aren’t floating in the clouds anymore, we are firmly set in reality and making the most of it.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love you anymore, and then we had our daughter and I found love for you and her that I didn’t know I had.  I didn’t know it existed.

You’re not only my rock, my best friend and the father of our daughter; you’re much more than that.  You are the one I can’t wait to come home to.  The one I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl watching all of those fairy tales.  You help me see things, make me want to share things. You make me better.  And you help me get through the impossible.

Without you, I don’t think I could do it.

So while life keeps changing, one thing will always remain the same.  I love you more than I ever thought I could and I wouldn’t want to be on this ride called life with anyone else.