Thanks to Pampers and their new campaign #MothersPromise, it’s given me a chance to really reflect about what is important to me as a mother.  What makes me a good mother, and what I can do to ensure that keeps happening.  One thing that came up in my mind over and over was how I never quite feel good enough as a mom.

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It didn’t matter what was going on, it’s how I felt.  It could be something as simple as missing a first milestone, or buying that something I needed instead of buying something for her.  

No matter the choices I made, I always thought I could have made them better.  Done something better, been better, for her.  And then it hit me.  

Pampers-Premium-CareAnother thing this campaign showed me is the importance of buying quality products, like Pampers Premium Care Diapers. (Which you can buy at  Not only are they high quality, but they have the wetness indicator that I love because it takes the guesswork out of diaper changes.  They are hypoallergenic, breathable inside and out and have this neat absorb away liner. Just an all around awesome product, like everything I choose for my daughter. And then it hit me again.

I am good enough.  I do the best with what I have and always have my daughter as my first priority. Nothing makes me a better mom.