We all know that over the last few decades there have been many improvements to child safety in a motor vehicle.  Some better than others.  What about older children?  Well, kids riding in the front seat of a car could soon be illegal.

Last week in a Massachusetts Transportation Committee hearing meeting, the state Senate bill requiring all kids under the age of 13 would need to be in a rear passenger seat of a motor vehicle whenever possible.  The mandate would impose a $25 fine for drivers violating the law.

Right now, the law is only that children under 13 be restrained and properly secured with a seat belt and children under 8 must be secured in a child passenger restraint.

According to Esurance, the back seat is 59 – 86 percent safer than the front seat.  And the safest seat?  Rear center. Which is an additional 25% safer that the window seats.

So why do we need a law for something that should be a no brainer?  Because we do.  That’s why.  Because otherwise people won’t listen.

I don’t know about you, but I want my child to be as safe as possible wherever they are.  My kids staying in the back seat.  Period.