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Daily Pin: Thanks a latte

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Field Trip Nightmares

@ScaryMommy shares with us the worst parts of field trips.

Quote: “I would rather walk barefoot on hot coals but I haven’t chaperoned all year so if no one else signs up then, yeah, I guess so.” (Click to tweet)

The Gist

Who cares how the kids enjoy it?  As a chaperone you’ve got a laundry list to deal with.  Try the peeing machine, the interruptor, or even the lagger on for size.

Just get your caboose in gear!

For The Hopeless Drunkie In All Of Us

Like grief, falling in love has stages, that is, if you’re planning on falling in love with wine.

Quote: “Sometimes drinking straight from the bottle is totally necessary.” (Click to tweet)

The Gist

Because why wouldn’t you fall in love with wine?  My thoughts exactly.  Not to mention all of the health benefits we keep finding out about (even if sometimes you make up your own) you can’t help but love it.

Which of the 21 steps are you in?  I think I might qualify for a 22nd step!

Not The Kind Of Food Fight We Imagined

Thanks @United, for failing  your customers once again.

Quote: “She believes her family was unfairly removed from the flight because of the fear of autism.”  (Click to tweet)

The Gist

Move over tweet offenders, United has upped their game.  It seems more and more flights are being diverted and making emergency landings for ridiculous reasons.  This is no exception.  When a mother of an autistic child asks for a warm meal because of the child’s condition, should that cause an emergency landing?  I think not.

Airplane food sucks, I say hot meals for all, especially this little girl. 


Our Favorite Tweet


We Won’t Stand For Bullying & Neither Should You!

P!nk continues to kick some bully butt when she snaps back at body-shamers.

Quote: “People think that I take no shit and that I’m tough, I’m tougher than nails.  But I’m a human being.” (Click to tweet)

The Gist

P!nk’s gotten some attention over her body weight because she doesn’t follow suit with the rest of the celebrities or rockers.  She didn’t spend the first few months postpartum starving herself while on a treadmill.  She did and is doing what all good mothers do.  Putting her family first.

Go P!nk.  You dirty little freak. 


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