Here’s to hoping Lilly Pulitzer gets a taste of their own medicine.  

Not long ago at your local Target, people were lined up waiting to get their hands on products from their latest partnership with Lilly Pulitzer.  People were fighting, shelves were bare, people were pissed.  All in the name of, well, a name.   A bright, fun-loving name, but still just a name.

Recently the internet has found out that Lilly Pulitzer might not be so desirable after all.  With this image going viral:

lilly-pulitzer-08.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xThe internet lost it’s ever-loving mind.

Who can blame you?  With pictures saying “Fat, White, and Hideous” or “You should probably just kill yourself”

What a slice of love that is.

I’m sorry I’m not a size zero.  Look around Lilly, most of us that shove $$ in your face aren’t either.

It’s disgusting, sick and that’s not all.

I think the worst thing about this whole mess is that as far as I can tell they have completely and utterly IGNORED IT.

Bull Lilly, bull.

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