This is my first blog for Mommy Effect and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Kristin and my family lives near the coastline of Alabama. I have a small Etsy shop, called Event Bliss Bama and I am a stay-at-home mama to an amazing two year old little girl, Kallie. This plays in part to a little topic I wanted to bring up with everyone about a situation we have been experiencing around our house and maybe get some feedback or advice from other moms.

Kallie has always been known to be a little daredevil, a fearless leader, the little girl who likes to jump into a pile a pillows or off the couch when I am not looking! She always has me worried that I will come in and find her up on top of a counter somewhere or doing something really dangerous. Although, over the last few weeks she has been a completely different little girl! Out of nowhere, she is scared of everything! “Mama, what’s that noise?” or “Mama, it’s dark in there!” or the most repeated, “It’s gonna get me!” What’s going to get her? EVERYTHING!

kallie2What happened to my brave little toddler?

Halloween is definitely not helping her scary stage! She thinks pumpkins, spiders and bats will get her, too. It took me 4 days to setup two hay bale decorations outside because she got scared every time and wanted to go inside. My mums croaked before I could even get all of the decorations out! The inflatable Mickey Mouse was a definite no-no for her! I have never felt her hold me so tight. I had to put most Halloween decorations back in the box!

Is this just a phase or is this something that is more prone for little girls to experience? I don’t remember my nephew being this way. So, with my question in mind, I decided to do a little research and see what some experts had to say and how I could help ease Kallie’s feelings, especially since Halloween is in just a few days!

12088572_1498739133754039_157552454076338283_n1. Realize that their feelings are REAL!

I try my best to get down on her level eye-to-eye and say “What’s going to get you?” Once she tells me, I reassure that Mama is here to protect you. I offer to pick her up or hold her hand to get her through the moment or situation.

2. Find a way to explain the scary situation

Kallie used to LOVE cats…real and cartoon ones. Now, they freak her out, too. My LO really isn’t into loveys or teddies, but I decided to get her a small stuffed cat. I showed her it was “so sweet” and wanted to be her “friend.” It seemed to work. The true test was the real cat, Sox, at grandma’s house! Kallie now gets down on the floor with the cat and pets her, so mission accomplished on that one!

Have you and your LO been through this? What did you do to help comfort them? Was it just a phase or did it stick around for too long? Wish us luck with trick-or-treating! Hopefully, Kallie being in her Minnie Mouse costume will distract her from all the scary things that will “get her!”

I can’t wait to read your feedback and nice to meet you 🙂