When we were in the market to buy a stroller, we were very pregnant and very confused on what to purchase.  There are so many different kinds of strollers, all from different brands.  And they are all claiming to be the best at different things.  But to know which was right for us and our baby?  We had no idea.  Then again, this new stroller from Volkswagen wasn’t on the market, or this would have been our pick.

This stroller does everything a normal stroller does; it wheels your baby around as you push it, you can walk with it, or run with it, and I’m sure it has a cup holder.  But what this stroller does that others can’t will probably amaze you.

The stroller brakes by itself.

That’s right.  No more pesky run-away strollers, and it definitely diminishes the problem of accidentally hitting something.  The stroller brakes whether you do or not.  Right when it needs to.

The stroller will follow you.  

Are you tired of having to push your child?  Want free hands to talk, text or hold your coffee?  Then this is the stroller for you.  As the video shows above, the stroller will actually follow you around, giving you hands free time while walking with your baby.

While I joke, this is seriously a cool idea.  I hope they actually start to mass produce it.  We all have times where we are distracted, whatever the reason, and this product would make those distractions not such a big deal.  Life happens, and the idea that technology can be more integrated into our lives for the safety of our children is an amazing thing.