imageYesterday was a big day in my daughters life for me.  Yesterday she rolled over for the first time.  And I almost missed it.  Then I got to thinking, what if I HAD missed it?  What if I hadn’t been there to see her roll over for the first time?  What if Daddy or someone else saw her do a first for the first time?

She and her daddy were doing tummy time in the living room and I was busy in the kitchen making dinner.  He asked me if he should wait for tummy time until I was able to join.  I said no, that I was fine and he could do it without me.

A few minutes later I’m in the kitchen and he says “I really think you should be out here”  I kind of ignore him (oops).  Then, for whatever reason, I stop what I’m doing and go to the doorway of the living room.  And a few seconds later I see her roll over.  Like it was nothing, like she had done it a million times before.

I couldn’t have believed my eyes.

After it happened, Daddy immediately looked at me and I said “I saw it!”  he was so relieved.  He didn’t want to see something like that without me.  He didn’t want me to miss it.

But I almost did.  And I never would have believed him if he had just told me she rolled over.  No way.

Because we tried 3 more times last night and nothing.  Nada.  She couldn’t do it.

Then I thought back to something my mom told me. A little side story if you will.

When I was a baby, my mom took me out to California to visit her parents.  They had a crib for me that they had borrowed and everything.

I hated my grandfather.  Any time he would try to hold me or come near me, I would scream.  I have no idea why.  No one seems to.  But in the early mornings he would come in my room and sit and watch me.  And I was fine.  I allowed him to be in there without a problem.

We had been there a few days and my mom walked in my room to find my grandfather sitting there watching me standing in the crib.  Standing in the crib!  My mom freaked out.  She hadn’t seen me stand before.  She cried “Dad why didn’t you tell me she was doing this?”  He explained that I had been doing it every morning since we had arrived.  He thought she knew.

After telling me that story, my mom explained that no matter whether you see it for the first time the first time,  fifth time or tenth time your child does something, it will always be YOUR first.  No matter what.

You will always experience it for the first time with him/her the first time you see it.

So don’t fret about not seeing something.  You will and it will be your first and very special time to share with your little one.