It probably sounds odd that I made my new baby and email address. There are a few reasons for it, and at first, I’ll admit, I was against it. But after weighing the pros and cons, let me explain why I made my new baby and email address.

Here’s the plan:
When she’s born, we make her an email address. We give it to family, and over the next 18 years we all fill it with thoughts, letters, video, and special moments.  When she turns 18, she gets the email and password.  She will finally be an adult and can see the wonderful things that her family wanted to share with her throughout the years.

I thought that this would be something different.  A way for us to share with her all the special things that happened throughout her life.  There will be things we forget, and there will be things we just won’t share with her.  Not intentionally of course.

What do you think?  Would you or have you done something like this for your LO?